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Making Cucumber Noodles With My Kids

In this Food Blog/Vlog me and our two youngest kids jump in the kitchen and turn a cucumber into noodles; one of my favorite vegetarian/vegan dinners....

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Hidden Vietnamese Food Gem 2 Hours from Chicago

Just outside of the heart of Downtown Rockford, IL and mere minutes away from the Rock River sits a hidden gem of Vietnamese dining. Nustled in an unassuming storefront on a rather unassuming street sits Hai Qyunh, a small and cozy Vietnamese dining experience waiting to be had. Don’t be fooled by...

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Salmon, Oysters & Scallops at Greenfire Restaurant

This past weekend I was celebrating both my wife's birthday and Valentine's day. As such, it was time for us to drop the kids off at their Nanna's house and get away as a couple for a few days. Those of you who have known me for a while are fully aware by now that [my wife] Meeks' bi...

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Healthy Breakfast for Weight Loss, and an Energy Boost

Here is an excellent breakfast meal idea that I had recently and would love to share with you all to try. Sliced cantaloupe, with strawberry slices goes extremely well together as their tastes blend extremely well together. In the bowl is steel cut oats (no sugar or sweetener) with sliced bananas an...

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Avocado & Cucumber Snack

It's Veggie Time for my Game Time Snack! Let's Go! This was my snack for the NFC and AFC Championship games.

- Avocado slices,

- Cucumber slices

- Humus

I lightly seasoned the avocado and cucumber slices with garlic salt and pepper...

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A Little Snickity Snack

A little afternoon snack. I wanted something sweet, so I made a plate of cantaloupe,strawberries and grapes. Oh my goodness this cantaloupe was sweet too! ...

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I've Fallen In Love WIth Steak!

BIG BOY FOOD. This is how Big Boys feed those Big Muscles; and NOBODY makes a stake like the Mrs. Buckner AKA the First Lady of Big Strong U! I went 25 years without eating meat, and had never had an actual stake before July of 2020. Now, I am HOOKED! Seriously, it fills me up and packs me full of ...

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Big 'Ol Veggie-Filled Potato

EAT MORE PLANTS: I found this big 'ol double potato in my cupboard so you know I had to hook it up!...

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EAT MORE PLANTS: Stir-Fried Veggie Sub

Back on my Eat More Plants Grind. Check out this healthy & delicious homemade veggie sub that i just threw down on.


Sliced Tomatoes
Red Pepper
Yellow Pepper
Orange Pepper
Romaine Lettuce
Sliced White Onion

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Food Prep (Lunch) for Today

Mrs. Buckner looking out for me again! She hooked me up with a baked chicken breast, couscous and greens! Her meal prepping for me is really helping me manage my weight and muscular size while my schedule remains extremely busy....

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