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Do you believe in fairytales? We do. Having both gone through troubled marriages, years of disappointment, regret and then divorce; we were able to find the loves of our life in each other. Complete with a childhood back story together that is hard even for us to believe; we are living out a modern day fairy tale together. Our story is proof that; even after years of unhappiness, regret, letdowns, mistakes and divorce; true love and happiness can be found.


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Sorry B. Simone, Your Advice to Women is Wrong

I am sorry, but while B. Simone's "Manifesting Love" video was well intentioned, I think it grossly misses the mark and promotes common misconceptions about how a woman should find love. In essence, she is telling women to become whatever they want to attract. In the video, in response t...

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Our 9.5-Foot Snowman

"Do you wanna build a snowman?" So, we recently had a blizzard in the Chicago-area and Meeks woke up, saw all the snow surrounding our home and said, "I want to build a snowman". Now, we did not set out to build the massive snow-giant that now sits in our backyard. No, it started...

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Surviving Quarantine as a Couple

Surviving Quarantine as a Couple. Recent news report state that quarantine is having one of two effects on couples. Couples are either becoming much closer to one another or being driven apart due to the intensified amount of time being spent together. Quarantine has absolutely made US ...

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What Makes Our Marriage Work: Sex, Love, Injuries & Church

This time we are sharing our answers from the "All About Us" book and discussing the things about use that make our marriage work....

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What It Was Like to Fall In Love

In this video my wife and I talked about love and answer the Top 5 Questions we get about Falling in Love. ...

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We Were the Special Guests on STS

Saturday night we were the special guests on the STS Show with The Quiles. It was an excellent and fun evening discussing love, relationships, marriage, intimacy and more. Not to mention... we participated in #makeOutSeason! Some of the questions we answered were:

1. Is being single a...

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Our Weekend Home Landscaping Project

We finally got around to getting a little landscaping done around the house this weekend. What started with just needing literally 4 stones, turned into 5 trips to Menards and laying more than 100 stones, new mulch and laying down sod. We are not finished yet, but VERY happy with how things are comi...

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Our Raised Garden Is Coming Together Nicely

We have been planning to get our home garden going for a little while now and finally got a chance to get out there and really get some work done. We have cilantro, sweet peppers, cabbage, romaine lettuce, tomatoes and a few more veggies. The cilantro smells absolutely amazing, and it's fun to s...

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Chapter 3: Innovative Dating

What do you do when you are intensely interested in someone who you have a history with and you want to move forward with the relationship, but not too fast? You innovate. That was the situation that Tamekia and I found ourselves in during the Spring of 2016 as we began emotionally connecting wi...

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Chapter 2: Hello Mr. Buckner

As I sat there wondering about Tamekia’s relationship status, I found myself a little bit in awe of how my interest had piqued in her so rapidly. Was I really sitting there scrolling through her pictures? Moreover, was I really just a few lines of Facebook code away from reconnecting with some...

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