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Origin complete collection

The true origin of Canada's most famous Mutant Wolverine! This was a must have collection for me...

posted by Eddie Jaudon HERE

Truth Red, White and Black #1, 2 3, 6 and 7

This is a big comic and I was only able to snag 5 of the 7 but I'm hunting for issues 4 and 5. This series is about the Tuskegee type experiements that was conducted that allowed the US government to perfect the serum later given to Steve Rogers. ...

posted by Eddie Jaudon HERE

Greg Bennett Interceptor


posted by Lee Catfishman HERE

SAPPIRE, Princess Knight

Made in DAS & EPOXIC, handmade and handpainted...

posted by oscar medina HERE

Custom Super Mario World Mug

This awesome hand-made Super Mario World was given to me by my oldest daughter for my birthday this year. She picked it up at https://www.etsy.com/shop/GlitterTiqueDesigns if you'd like to see more of their stuff....

posted by Corey Buckner HERE

Godzilla 1993 from Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla

Bandai Godzilla 93' purchased in summer of 93 . Approx 8 inches tall...

posted by ejbpound4pound HERE

MJ Deadpool Line-Up Funko Pops

Deadpool Funko Pops...

posted by MJMediaStash HERE

MJ Funko Pops Stash

Funko Pops...

posted by MJMediaStash HERE

Custom G.I. Joe Duke

This is my custom G.I. Joe Duke. Like so many action figures out there, I wasn't diggin' his look. So I gave it a style of my own. Enjoy!...

posted by Samuel Munoz HERE

Custom repaint of Batman (Earth -1)

This is my custom painted Batman Devastator from McFarlane Toys. I didn't like the original look of the figure, so I stylized it a bit to fit my taste. Enjoy...

posted by Samuel Munoz HERE